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For general information on all kinds of topics, visit NJDC’s Practice & Policy Resources page.

Collateral Consequences for Juveniles in the Justice System
The ABA’s Juvenile Collateral Consequences Project “Think Before You Plead” documents and analyzes the hardships experienced by youth in the juvenile justice system. You can review the information for your state here:
Illinois, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wisconsin

Sex Trafficking
Milwaukee, WI has the second highest rate of juvenile sex trafficking in the country.  The city has an active task force, and Diane Rondini in the WI Public Defender’s office is a juvenile sex trafficking specialist.  Feel free to contact her if you are looking for help on a sex trafficking case in your state.

Juvenile Sex Offenders
You can find information about the inconsistent application of juvenile sex offender laws in this report.
Looking for information on juvenile sex offenders in Illinois? Take a look at this report and this study on Illinois’s harsh treatment of juvenile sex offenders.
Working with juvenile sex offenders in Michigan?  You’ll want to review the Michigan Sex Offenders Registration Act (SORA).

NJDC has some great resources on shackling.

In our region, Illinois has a supreme court rule barring the indiscriminate shackling of both adults and juveniles. Michigan is participating in NJDC’s multi-state project to end routine shackling, and the Washtenaw County Court (MI) has begun using shackles in the courtroom only when the particular circumstances warrant their use. Nebraska has identified the shackling of juveniles as one of the top priorities for juvenile justice reforms in 2015. A bill is being drafted with the help of MJDC advisory board member Dennis Marks.  South Dakota has a DOC statute barring the indiscriminate shackling of juveniles. Advocates in Wisconsin are also tackling this issue on a county-by-county basis while working on legislation.

The Juvenile Justice Initiative in Illinois is taking on the issue of automatic adult prosecution of children in Cook County. A great resource on the issue is their recent report on the issue. For more information and resources on this issue, contact Betsy Clarke at the Juvenile Justice Initiative.

State Assessments
NJDC conducts state-specific assessments of youth access to, and the quality of, juvenile defense counsel when youth come in contact with the delinquency system. In the Midwest, NJDC has completed assessments of Illinois and Nebraska.  You can see other state assessments here.

Illinois Resources:
Juvenile Justice Initiative
IL Juvenile Court Act

Iowa Resources:
IA Juvenile Justice Code
IA Juvenile Court Benchbook
IA Handbook on Juvenile Court for Parents

Michigan Resources:
MI Juvenile Code
MI Juvenile Justice Benchbook
Michigan Law School Juvenile Justice Clinic
MI juvenile justice resources

Minnesota Resources:
MN Delinquency Statutes

 Nebraska Resources:
NE Juvenile Justice Code

North Dakota Resources:
ND Uniform Juvenile Court Act

South Dakota Resources:
SD Juvenile Court Statutes

Wisconsin Resources:
Wisconsin Juvenile Justice Code
Wisconsin State Public Defender’s juvenile practice resources
Wisconsin State Public Defender Principles of Juvenile Defense Practice
Juvenile Court Guide for Parents (Dane County)