Special Initiative: Rural, Remote, and Underserved Areas

Rural Community - pixabay.comDefining what it means to be a “rural” defender is no easy task: what “rural” looks like in rural California is different than what rural looks like in rural Nebraska, which is different than what rural looks like in rural Mississippi. NJDC’s foundational work on juvenile indigent defense issues in rural, remote and underserved areas has identified many issues, for example:

This foundational work has also identified many questions, for example

As the work of the Special Initiative moves ahead, NJDC looks forward to engaging national experts and stakeholders, along with defenders practicing in rural areas, to strategize about the best way to address the many and varied issues faced by juvenile defenders who represent youth in the most rural, remote, and unserved areas in this country.

Please stay posted for specific recommendations generated by experts and stakeholders across the country to formulate innovative ideas and strategies for juvenile defenders no how to provide zealous representation to youth in rural, remote, and underserved areas.