Saturday, October 28 – Summit 2016


50 Years After Miranda & 5 Years after J.D.B.: Where Are We Now and Where Do We Want to Be?
Rourke Stacy, Moderator | Deputy Public Defender & Trainer, Juvenile Division, Los Angeles County Public Defender Office
Hon. Cheri Beasley | Associate Justice, Supreme Court of North Carolina
Laura Nirider | Co-Director, Center on Wrongful Convictions of Youth, Northwestern University Pritzker School of Law
Ann Roan | Training Director, Colorado State Public Defender
Tiffany Sizemore-Thompson| Assistant Professor, Juvenile Defender Clinic, Duquesne University School of Law


Bench Trials: Theory of the Case and Other Strategies to Overcome Impediments
Randy Hertz

Challenges & Strategies for Rural and Tribal Juvenile Defenders
Amanda Bear, Gar Blume, La Mer Kyle-Griffiths, Brad Peterson

Challenging Bias at the Front Door: Detention Advocacy for LGBTQ Clients
Currey Cook, Jack Harrison, Shannan Wilber

Developing Juvenile Caseload Limits 
Joshua Dohan, Katrin Johnson, Richard Pittman, George Yeannakis

A Diploma or Third Degree?: Litigation and Policy Challenges to School Interrogations
Richard Braucher, Megan Crane, Laura Nirider, Rourke Stacy

DNA: Science in the Courtroom
Mary Dayton, Claudia Saari

Expressed-Interest Lawyers and Social Workers: A Defense Dream Team
Anna Bulkin, Mitchell Feld, Sara Ward, Wendy Wolf

Montgomery v. Louisiana: Strategies & Lessons Learned for Juvenile Court
Joanna Visser Adjoian, Marsha Levick, Shobha Mahadev, Heather Renwick

Reentry & Collateral Consequences: Minimizing the Damage of Juvenile Court Involvement
Kris Henning, Serena Holthe

Special Education Advocacy and its Effect on Juvenile Dispositions 
Semuteh Freeman, Marlies Spanjaard, Teresa Eden Zabala

Trauma & Resilience: Understanding the Duality and How to Use It as Part of a Defense Strategy
Samantha Buckingham, Eduardo Ferrer, Antoinette Kavanaugh


“Fuhgeddaboudit, Counselor:” Winning Over Unconvincible Stakeholders
Rebecca Diaz-Bonilla | International Communications Consultant, Lumen8 Advisors
Angela Vigil | Director of Pro Bono & Community Service, Baker & McKenzie


Acting Your Age: Mens Rea and the Reasonable Child Standard 
Christopher Northrop, Carlann Welch, Wendy Wolf

Courtroom Advocacy for Transgender Clients
Rick Mula, Erin Robinson

Defenders at the Table: Lessons Learned from Unconventional Defense Partnerships in Statewide Policy Reform
Hon. Thomas Foster, Ruth Rosenthal, Trent Wetta, Terri Williams

Disability Rights Advocacy for Youth in the Juvenile System
Brian Capra, Diane Smith Howard, Jennifer Pokempner 

Ethics Hotspot 
Laura Cohen, Ellen Marrus

Evidentiary Issues that Regularly Arise in Delinquency Cases 
Randy Hertz

Get On Your Feet: Communication Techniques for Convincing the Unconvincible Bench
Rebecca Diaz-Bonilla, Angela Vigil

J.D.B. and Miranda in Practice: Effectively Challenging Juvenile Statements 
Martin Feinman, Tiffany Sizemore-Thompson

Post-Disposition Start-Up: Building a Post-Dispo Practice from Scratch
Stephen Bush, Joshua Dohan, Lisa Minutola, Sandra Simkins

Raising Racial Factors in Fourth Amendment Challenges 
Kris Henning, Ji Seon Song

Smart on Juvenile Justice: Creating Developmentally Appropriate Reforms 
Julia Alanen, Lauren Dollar, Serena Holthe, Chryl Jones, Nadia Seeratan


Kris Henning & Lauren Dollar, Rural Ambassadors Program | Co-Director & Staff Attorney, Mid-Atlantic Juvenile Defender Center

Christine Henningsen & Joy Suder |Co-Directors, Nebraska Youth Advocates

James Bell | Founder and Executive Director, W. Haywood Burns Institute