Saturday, October 27 – Summit 2018



Angela Vigil | Partner & Executive Director, Pro Bono Practice, Baker & McKenzie

Criminalizing Language: Defending Youth Threats Cases

Randee Waldman, Moderator | Director, Barton Juvenile Defender Clinic, Emory University School of Law

Amanda Bear | Managing Attorney, Children’s Law Center, Lex., KY

Johanna Miller | Advocacy Director, New York Civil Liberties Union

Nubia Peña | Staff Attorney, Utah Juvenile Defender Attorneys

Gwyneth Rost | Speech-Language Pathologist & Senior Lecturer of Communication Disorders, UMass Amherst



Back to School: Breaking Down Barriers to Your Clients’ Educational Success
Serena Holthe, Tiffany Sizemore

Beyond Miranda: Suppressing Statements on Other Grounds
Randy Hertz

Cell Phones in Schools: Pushing the Boundaries of Searches
Barbara Fedders, Randee Waldman

Confined Without Cause: The Constitutional Right to Prompt Probable Cause Determinations for Youth
Kristina Kersey, Amanda Powell, Eric Zogry

The Deportation Funnel: The Nexus Between Schools, Gang Allegations, & Removal
Kasie Lee, Johanna Miller, Nubia Peña

Dismantling Transfer
Sue Burrell, Rourke Stacy, Jeree Thomas

Ensuring Access: Defenders as Policy Advocates for Access to Counsel
Amy Borror, Eduardo Ferrer, David Johnson

In Defense of Rap: The (In)admissibility of Artistic Expression as Evidence
Andrea Dennis, Kristin Henning

Suing the Government
Jody Owens, Paloma Wu, George Yeannakis

Vicarious Trauma & Self-Care
Meghan Johnson, Sandra Simkins



Addressing Collateral Consequences: Helping Youth Create Pathways for Success
Serena Holthe, Aazia-Marie Ross, Sonia Slone

Can Your Client Aid in Their Defense?
Angela Chang, Cait Mullen, Elana Roffman

Defending Juvenile Sex Cases & Challenging Registration Requirements
Laura Cohen, Nicole Pittman, Riya Saha Shah

Defense Beyond the Courtroom: Innovative Models of Post-Disposition Advocacy for Youth in Placement
Amy Karozos, Claire Kruger, Brittany Mobley, Joel Wieneke

Five Ways Juvenile Defenders Can Use Data
Aneesa Khan, Olajumoke Obayanju, Melissa Sickmund

An Interactive How-To on Introducing Evidence
Pamela Jones, Wendy Wolf

Objection! Hearsay! Blocking Out-of-Court Statements & Using the Confrontation Clause
Randy Hertz

Policing the ER: Unfettered Investigations in Hospitals
Ji Seon Song

Stepping into a New Arena: The Power of Defenders as State Reform Advocates
Elizabeth Calvin, David Johnson, LeAnn Jones, Trent Wetta

Walk a Mile in Their Shoes: The System for Your Clients’ Perspectives
Brian Blalock, Angela Vigil



James Forman, Jr. | Professor of Law, Yale University, Author Locking Up Our Own: Crime and Punishment in Black America, Pulitzer Prize Winner for Non-Fiction, 2018

Checking the System: Defender Approaches to Racial Justice
Kristin Henning, Moderator | Director, Juvenile Justice Clinic & Initiative, Georgetown Law

Brooke Burns | Chief Counsel, Juvenile Department, Office of the Ohio Public Defender

Margaret Johnson | Racial & Ethnic Disparity Practice Coordinator, Wisconsin State Public Defender’s Office

Kimberly Jones Merchant | Director, Racial Justice Institute, Sargent Shriver National Center on Poverty Law

Eric Zogry | State Juvenile Defender, North Carolina Office of the Juvenile Defender