Saturday, October 25 – Summit 2014


Special Counsel Positions: Removing Youth from the Registry
Nicole Pittman, Stoneleigh Fellow, National Center on Crime & Delinquency  

Punishing Puberty: Strengthening Protections in the Age of Social Media
Mae Quinn, Moderator, Professor of Law & Director of the Juvenile Law and Justice Clinic, Washington University Law
Frank Biro, Director of Research, Adolescent and Transition Medicine, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital
Brooke Burns-Jackson, Assistant State Public Defender, Juvenile Division, Office of the Ohio Public Defender
Sarah Young, Investigations Supervisor & Director of the Investigative Internship Program, Georgetown University Law Center


Hashtags, Selfies & Electronic Sharing: Social Media Investigation to Make or Break a Case
Angela Chang, Tim Curry, Sarah Young

Defeating the Status Quo: Status Offense Reform – Resource Center Partnership
Rebecca DiLoreto, Insiyah Mohammad, Chris Northrop

Valentine Road: Zealous Advocacy in the Wake of Tragedy
Marta Cunningham, Shannan Wilber

Update on Identification Suppression Law
Randy Hertz

A Weighty Responsibility: Ending the Indiscriminate Shackling of Your Clients in Court
Marie Osborne, David Shapiro, Pam Vickrey

Risky Business: Impact of Pubertal Maturation on Delinquency
Frank Biro, Susan Roske, Kim Tandy

Building a Narrative with Language Impaired Clients
Michele LaVigne, Gwyneth Rost, Pam Snow

Equal Treatment for Noncitizen Youth
Hayley Upshaw, Angela Vigil

Learning to Love Numbers: The Importance of Data & Case Management
Josh Perry, Ji Seon Song, Tami Steckler

Client-Centered Detention Advocacy
Sarah Bergen, Jackie Deane


United States Supreme Court Review – 2013/14 Term
Angela Vigil, Director of Pro Bono & Community Service, Baker & McKenzie

First Defense Legal Aid
Eliza Solowiej, Executive Director, First Defense Legal Aid

Advancing Fairness through Procedural Justice: Engaging Youth, Families & Communities
Amanda Powell, Moderator, Assistant State Public Defender, Juvenile Division, Office of the Ohio Public Defender
Ji Seon Song, Attorney, Juvenile Division, Office of the Public Defender, Contra Costa County
Lisa Thurau, Executive Director, Strategies for Youth
Tom Tyler, Macklin Fleming Professor of Law & Professor of Psychology , Yale Law School

Key Procedural Justice Components from a Youth Perspective
Procedural Justice – Why It Matters When Dealing with Juveniles


Litigating a Bench Trial
Randy Hertz

Challenging Standard Probation Orders & Conditions
Jackie Deane, Ji Seon Song

Procedural Justice: Integrating Fairness into the Delinquency Process
Amanda Powell, Becky Trent, Tom Tyler

Valentine Road: Zealous Advocacy in the Wake of Tragedy
Marta Cunningham, Shannan Wilber

Apart & Alone: The Case Against Isolation
Chris Rapillo, Sandra Simkins, Mark Soler

Advancing Creative & Affirmative Uses of PREA
Laura Austen, Brenda Smith

Legal Strategies to Ensure Due Process for Language Impaired Clients 
Eileen Hirsch, Michele LaVigne

Pushing Back on the System: Keeping Youth Out of Adult Court 
James Johnston, Marie Osborne, Nadia Seeratan

Justice on Wheels: Mobilizing Access to Counsel
Mary Ferwerda, LaNita McWilliams, Bert “Tiger” Whitehead IV

The Road to Expert Appeals
Marty Beyer, Brooke Burns