Juvenile Defense Resource Center Partnership

MFC_Logo_PNGReal and sustainable juvenile defense reform takes a collaborative effort. NJDC is pleased to be a part of the Resource Center Partnership, which allows NJDC to actively engage a broader community of stakeholders that includes judges, court administrators, policy advocates, educators, families, legislators, and other interested parties.

The Partnership is based on nearly twenty years of research, practice, and reform efforts that have reached more than 35 states, made possible by Models for Change.

NJDC has played a unique role in bringing substantive expertise in juvenile defense practices and policies, as well as our experience in developing and delivering training and technical assistance, to juvenile court professionals. We leverage this expertise and a considerable body of work to adapt and refine existing tools and materials to reach this broader audience.

The assistance we provide includes:

Through this Partnership, NJDC bolsters juvenile defense by:

RCP Publications

In addition to indigent defense, the Partnership consists of three other Resource Centers, each focusing on an area of critical to continued advancements in juvenile justice.


Collaborative approaches to meet the mental health needs of youth without  unnecessary juvenile justice system involvement.


Non-criminal offenses that can only be committed by children, such as  truancy, running away, or curfew violations.




Children in contact with both the child welfare and juvenile justice systems



Strategic Allies

In addition to our partners, we work with a group of strategic allies — national experts who  provide a depth and breadth of expertise, and help to ensure that the best practices and lessons from the Resource Centers are disseminated to the policymakers and practitioners who need them.

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NJDC maintains a listserv for any juvenile justice stakeholder interested in learning about the latest in juvenile indigent defense issues. Join today!