JTIP Coordinator & Trainer’s Guide

The JTIP Coordinator & Trainer’s Guide is targeted at both Training Coordinators and Trainers and is designed to help them meet the requirements needed to deliver JTIP Training. While sometimes the person responsible for coordinating and organizing a training program will also be one of the people responsible for delivering that training, this is not always the case. This guide includes sections to address the needs of both roles; Tips for Training Coordinators and Tips for Trainers. Because JTIP is unlike any other training curriculum, planning and facilitation of the program has some unique considerations.

JTIP_Coordinator_Trainers_Guide_CoverThe Introduction provides an overview of the JTIP curriculum’s design and scope.

The Tips for Training Coordinators provides Training Coordinators with information on the content of each of the curriculum’s 40 Lessons as well as guidance on selecting the Lessons, or combination of Lessons, that are most appropriate for the target audience’s needs. This section also explores some of the logistical considerations that come from a program with a dual focus on substantive learning and on-your-feet skills practice and interaction.

The Tips for Trainers provides those who are facilitating individual JTIP Lessons with information on the Lessons’s format and structure, tips for delivering substantive material and facilitating exercises, and a discussion of the JTIP philosophy for providing effective and constructive feedback to participants.

If you are interested in bringing a JTIP training to your area, please contact NJDC for a list of Certified JTIP Trainers.

For those interested in becoming a Certified JTIP Trainer, NJDC will be holding limited programs in the future to certify new trainers. Please contact NJDC for more information.