JTIP: Juvenile Training Immersion Program

A Curriculum for Developing a Specialty in Juvenile Defense

The Juvenile Training Immersion Program (JTIP) is a highly specialized, comprehensive, trial advocacy training program for juvenile defense attorneys. JTIP aims to elevate the practice of juvenile law and is structured to help defenders meet their obligations at every stage of the delinquency system. JTIP reflects a core commitment to the unique role and critical importance of specialized defense counsel in juvenile courts across America, consistent with a young person’s fundamental right to counsel.

Combining Substantive Law and Trial Skills

Intended to serve as the “gold standard” in training, JTIP is the only training curriculum focused on providing a substantive overview of juvenile and criminal law integrated with developing strong trial advocacy skills for juvenile defenders. JTIP is an intensive 42-lesson training program delivering instruction for effective practice ranging from the specialized role of juvenile defense counsel to representation at every stage of a case, from pre-trial to post-disposition. JTIP provides the foundation for high-quality, meaningful representation of youth.

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Getting People on Their Feet

JTIP is premised in part on the recognition that people learn better when they are actively engaged. The lessons are designed to encourage interactive and dynamic learning through a combination of facilitated discussions, interactive exercises, hypothetical case scenarios, skill-building exercises, and other training tools.

Flexible for All Training Needs

JTIP can be used as an intensive, multi-week defender training program or can be adapted for smaller, more targeted training. All 42 lessons can be used individually, providing trainers the option to mix and match sessions to fit their unique training needs. Users that only have time or resources for a single day of training can focus on one or several key areas of improvement the organizers believe the intended audience may need. Or users may opt to use lessons as stand-alone sessions that are part of a larger program or part of a multi-day training program with several different focuses.

A National Curriculum with Local Impact

Developed to meet the training needs of both national and local audiences, the JTIP curriculum was created to provide general law and trial skills that are applicable in all jurisdictions, while also being customizable to incorporate key state and local statutes, court rules, and case law so that each lesson is directly relevant to individual jurisdictions. It exists to create a national community of juvenile defense specialists. NJDC has already begun to qualify Certified JTIP Trainers who are able to conduct training throughout the country. These Certified Trainers will partner with local facilitators to ensure that sessions are adapted to the particular jurisdiction and to ensure local expertise throughout the training.

If you are interested in bringing a JTIP training to your area, please contact NJDC or any of our Certified JTIP Trainers. For those interested in becoming a Certified JTIP Trainer, NJDC will be holding limited programs in the future to certify new trainers. Please contact NJDC for more information.


For more information on the JTIP Curriculum and for details on each lesson, review the JTIP Coordinator & Trainer’s Guide.

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