2012 Juvenile Defender Leadership Summit

Friday, October 26
Morning General Session and Breakouts


Thomas Perez, Assistant Attorney General
Civil Rights Division, United States Department of Justice
US DOJ Findings – Investigation of Lauderdale County Youth Court, Meridian Police Department and Mississippi Division of Youth Services
USDOJ Report – Investigation of the Shelby County Juvenile Court


Juvenile Training Immersion Program: Challenging Identification Testimony
Cathryn Crawford, Chris Northrop

Like Taking Candy from a Baby…Challenging the Voluntariness of Statements
Marty Beyer, Wendy Wolf
Challenging Voluntariness of Statements

Dealing with Bench Trials
Randy Hertz

Developing Timelines to Enhance Litigation Strategy
Samantha Buckingham
Sample Motion to Suppress Tangible Evidence and Statements
RSP iPhone Fact Pattern
J.D.B. v. North Carolina
Chart on Types of Encounter

Breaking Down Bullying: Balancing the Duties to Protect & Defend
Kim Forte, Shannon Minter, Maya Rupert

Litigation Approaches to Challenging SORNA
Jill Beeler, Nicole Pittman, Susan Roske, Tobie Smith
Litigation approaches to challenging SORNA_Final 10.30.12
Ohio – SORNA
Second Level Protected Class Challenges

Resolving Ethical Dilemmas
Kris Henning, Josh Perry

Appellate Practice: It Doesn’t Have to Be a Solitary Affair
Megan Annitto, Richard Braucher, Jackie Bullard, Nadia Seeratan

Investigation & Discovery in the Era of Social Media
Rey Banks, Renee Brodsky, Mary Jo Livingston
Discovery Social Media
Social Networks’ Terms of Use-Privacy Policies

The ABC’s of Special Education: Crafting a More Informed Legal Theory
Jamie Rodriguez, Debbie St. Jean, Joe Tulman
Substantive and Procedural Rights
Selected provisions
Motion to Dismiss child with disability intake violation
Intersection of Spec Ed & Delinquency
IDEA definitions I
Fact Patterns
EXCERPT – Substantive and Procedural Rights Under the Individuals with Disabilities Act
Example of Motion to Dismiss Spec Ed
Dale Chart
Chapter 11 – Special Education Advocacy for Youth in the Delinquency SystemChapter 6 – Using Special Education Advocacy to Avoid or Resolve Status Offenses
Dale Chart
ADA one page 
Applying Disability Rights to Equalize Treatment