2012 Juvenile Defender Leadership Summit

Friday, October 26
Afternoon General Session and Breakouts

Marsha Levick
Miller v Alabama Decision
BNA Insights Miller v Alabama.Levick


Making Miller Meaningful: JLWOP Resentencing
John Hardenbergh, Maureen Pacheco, Angela Vigil, Wendy Wolf

Playing Your Part: The Ethics of Teaming with Social Workers
Betsy Biben, Lori James-Townes, Patti Lee
Team Defense at PDS in Juvenile Court
Juvenile Social Worker Checklist
Guidelines Regarding Confidentiality for Social Work Students

Say Way? Language Impairment & Comprehension of the Legal Process
Wally Mlyniec, Gwyneth Rost, Mary Ann Scali
Sample Attorney-Client Overview
Montana Waiver of Rights Form
Miranda Rights Comprehension in Young Adults with Specific Language Impairment
Florida Juvenile Plea Form
Wisconsin Plea Form
Utah Diversion Sample Agreement
Texas Probation Form

Developing a Reasonable Child Standard
Simmie Baer, Marshal Levick
J.D.B. V. North Carolina – Ushering in a New Age of Custody Analysis Under Miranda
The US Supreme Court Adopts a Reasonable Juvenile Standard in J.D.B….
J.D.B. and the Maturing of Juvenile Confession Suppression Law

Having “The Talk” Providing Constitutionally Required Plea Advice
Jill Beeler, Lisa Campbell
Lafler v. Cooper
Missouri v. Frye

Using State Constitutional Law in Suppression & Other Arguments
Randy Hertz

Same Behavior, Different Origins: Getting the Right Diagnosis
Marty Beyer, Theodora Pinnock

Waiver of Counsel
Rob Mason, Bob Schwartz, Abbe Smith, Kim Tandy
Implementation of Ohio Juvenile Rule 3 Manual
JLC Comments to PA Rule 152 Waiver of Counsel
Pennsylvania Rules of Juvenile Court Procedure.Counsel.Indigency.Waiver.2012
FL Rule 8.165 Waiver of Counsel Opinion
FL Rule 8.165 Waiver Comments of Public Defender Association
FL Rule 8.165 Waiver of Counsel Partial Brief
FL SB 88 and Legislative Staff Analysis Statement

Heightened Vulnerability: The Intersection of Race & SOGI/E
Aisha Moodie-Mills, Maya Rupert
Jumping Beyond the Broom – Why Black Gay and Transgender Americans Need More than Marriage Equality
The Unfair Criminalization of Gay and Transgender Youth

Go Directly to Jail, Do Not Pass Go: Challenging Violations of Probation
Elton Anglada, Ana Bermudez, Rose Peralta
WA Judicial Colloquies Project – A Guide to Improving Communication and Understanding in Juvenile Court