2012 Juvenile Defender Leadership Summit

Saturday, October 27

Morning General Sessions and Breakouts


Complex Trauma: Pitfalls and Opportunities
Abbe Smith, Keith Cruise, Jorja Leap, Robert Listenbee


Accounting for Trauma in Your Advocacy
Marty Beyer, Keith Cruise, Jorja Leap, Sandra Simkins
Complex Trauma and Aggression in Secure Juvenile Justice Settings

Juvenile Training Immersion Program: Hearsay
Kris Henning, Hector Linares
HANDOUT 28—Hearsay

Guarding Against Self-incrimination in Screening, Assessment, & Evaluation
Lourdes Rosado, Debbie Stahl
In re C.O. Opinion
Lourdes Materials Instructions
Outside the Police Station—Dealing with the Potential for Self Incrimination in Juvenile Court

Keeping Cops in Line:Holding Offices Accountable to Miranda Procedures
Cathyrn Crawford, Jaime Michel, Lisa Thurau
IACP National Law Enforcement Policy Ctr Formatted
CALEA Standard 44—Juvenile Operations 2012
IACP National Law Enforcement Policy Ctr Juvenile Enforcement and Custody
Juvenile Miranda Warnings—Pefunctory Rituals or Procedural Safeguards
The Comprehensibility and Content of Juvenile Miranda Warnings
Training Key #652 Interview and Interrogation of Juveniles-1-1

Unlocking Due process: The Duty to Challenge Shackling
Rob Mason, Melissa Michaelis
Fla. R. Juv. P. 8.1100 (2012)—Shackling; Shackling Handouts; Shackling PowerPoint

Delinquency & FASD: Challenges & Recommendations
Billy Edwards, Theodora Pinnock
Adaptive Behavior and Fetal Alcohol Spectrum DisordersSensory Processing, School Performance and Adaptive Behavior of School Age Children with FASDPattern of Malformation in Offspring of Chronic Alcoholic MothersNeurocognitive and Neurobehavioral Impairments in Invididuals with FASD – Recognition and AssessmentNatural History of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome – A 10 Year Follow up of Eleven PatientsComparison of the Adaptive Functioning of Children Prenatally Exposed to Alcohol in a NonExposed Clinical SampleFASD PowerPointFASD Experts Rapid ScreenFASD Birth Mother InterviewABA FASD Resolution and Report – Approved 8-7-12Changing Public Policy With the Juvenile Courts – What Works for Kids with FAS

Policy & Legislative Reform for Youth in the Adult System
Erin Davies, Kim Dvorchak, Jody Kent Lavy, Liz Ryan
CFSY Jackson-Miller Compliance Message Bill
CFSY Statement of Principles
CFSY Jackson-Miller Quotes
CFSY Jackson-Miller Factsheet