2012 Juvenile Defender Leadership Summit

Saturday, October 27

Afternoon General Session and Breakouts



Deincarceration & Pathways to Desistance
Jacqueline Bullard, Edward Mulvey, Tamara Steckler


Bolstering Your Case: Innovative Uses of Declarations & Affidavits
Simmie Baer, Marty Beyer, Sue Burrell
Affidavit of Susan L Burrell in Dacres – Redacted
Beyer Affidavit- G
Beyer Affidavit – Transfer
Beyer Affidavit-Shackling
Beyer Isolation Declaration
Bishop Affidavit
Frank Zimring Affidavit

Strategies to Challenge Prosecutors’ Charging Decisions
Ellen Marrus, Chris Phillis, Ben Roe

Desperately Seeking Services: Finding Resources for Your Client
Betsy Biben, George Yeannakis
Desperately Seeking Services

Mining Data for the Defense 
Jackie Deane, Ed Mulvey
OJJDP Factsheet Pathways to Desistance

Confrontation Clause: Williams v. Illinois
Randy Hertz

Youth Capacities to Navigate Legal Proceedings
Sarah Bergen, Billy Edwards, Randy Otto

Moving Toward a Presumption of Indigence
Hector Linares, Rhonda McKitten, Eric Zogry

For Girls Only? The Implications of Gender-Responsive Programming
Shannon Minter, Shannan Wilber

International Human Rights Law
Betsy Clarke, Tim Curry
Commentary to the European Rules for Juvenile Offenders
NJDC Human Rights Factsheet
Vazquez Article on Self-executing Treaties

Integrated Strategies for Legislative Advocacy
Karen Bayes-Dunning, Joh Wilson, Karen Worthington
Integrated Strategies for Legislative Advocacy