2011 Juvenile Defender Leadership Summit

Friday, October 21

Morning General Sessions and Breakouts


Beyond Lawyering: Transformative Role of the Public Defender
Robin Steinberg
Beyond-Lawyering Robin Steinberg


Strategies for Dealing with Police Misconduct In & Out of the Courtroom
Cathryn Crawford, Ji Seon Song

Right to Education: Strengthening Individual Cases & Impact Litigation 
Arthur Bowie, Nancy Rosenbloom

Working with Experts to Understand Evaluations & Achieve Best Outcomes
Marty Beyer, Chris Provost, Ron Roesch
Young Offenders in Custody
Young Offenders and Legal Competencies – Ronald Roesch
What’s Behind Behavior Matters – Beyer
Restorations in Competency to Stand Trial
Forensic Assessments
Losel Chapter
Examining the Role of Interrogative Suggestibility
Beyer Book Chapter w Cover
A Developmental View of Youth in the Juvenile System – Beyer

Leadership Development: Acting, not Reacting to Changes in Juvenile Justice
Annie Lee, Joanne Moore, George Yeannakis

Crime Lab Investigations: Challenging the Government’s Case
Maureen Pacheco, Marvin Schechter
Memo Re ASCLD Lab and Forensic Lab Accreditation
The Forensic Universe and the Laboratories – The Government’s Case and the Defense Challenge

Challenging Technical Violations of Probation/Parole
Lindsay Parkhurst, Sheryl Trzska
Ohio RECLAIM excerpt
Social Welfare and Fairness
Juvenile Justice and the Transition to Adulthood
Evaluation of Ohio’s Reclaim Funded Programs, Community Corrections Facilities, and DYS Facilities
Deep End Issue Brief

Model Offices, Innovative Practices & Role of the Juvenile Defender
Erica Cushna, Patti Puritz, Robin Steinberg
Certification Requirements for Juvenile Delinquency Panel Members
Juvenile Delinquency and Youthful Offender Performance Standards
Performance Guidelines Governing the Representation of Indigent Juveniles in Criminal Cases

An Underutilized Tool for Change: Making Public Record & FOIA Requests
Sue Burrell, Brad Peterson, Julie Valencia
FOIA and Public Records Act Examples
FOIA Request Form G-639
Public Records and Freedom of Information Act Request
Sample Public Records Act Requests
Agency webpage

Immigration Matters: Ethics & Essentials of Representing Noncitizen Youth
Ann Benson, Julie Bildhauer
Juveniles Immigration – WDA-VAIJ NJDC 2011
Non-citizen Juvenile Offender Intake Worksheet

Courtroom Courage: Building Confidence to be the Best Advocate You Can Be
Mercedes Cameron, Lindy Frolich, Bert Nieslanik
ABC’s of Empowerment