Continuing Legal Education Credit Information

All of the information you need to claim Continuing Legal Education (CLE) credit for NJDC’s 2021 Juvenile Defender Leadership Summit is provided on this page.

Please note: Some of the steps have changed due to new state regulations on live-webinar training. Please read all instructions carefully and familiarize yourself with your state’s rules regarding CLE credit for live-webinar training.

You will need the following information to apply for CLE credit for Summit:

To receive CLE credit for Summit 2021:

Before Summit:

  • Please create a free Zoom account. To ease in the verification of your attendance for CLE purposes, please sign up for a free Zoom account using the same name and email address you used to register for Summit. If you do not register for a free Zoom account, we may not have the information we need to prove your attendance to the satisfaction of your state CLE board. 

During Summit:

  • Sign into each Summit session: Please log into each Summit session with your free Zoom account, so we have a record of your attendance.
  • Verification Codes: Many states’ MCLE regulations for live-webinar training require that attendees report unique CLE verification codes provided during each session. We will be providing codes at the beginning and end of each Summit session that qualifies for CLE credit. Please make a note of both validation codes in each session you attend, as they must be included in your CLE Verification Form. Failure to include these codes may prevent you from claiming CLE credit in your state. NJDC is prohibited from sharing these codes after a session ends.

After Summit:

  • CLE Verification Form: Please complete and submit the CLE Verification Form provided to you in a survey format by November 3, 2021. The form must include the following:
    • Selection of all sessions you attended during Summit;
    • Verification codes provided at the beginning and end of each accredited session you attended;
    • Your name;
    • The email address you used to log in to Summit Zoom webinars; and
    • Bar number and state name of each state to which you will apply for CLE credit.

Failure to submit the CLE Verification Form by November 3, 2021 may prevent you from claiming your CLE credit.

  • Uniform Certificate of Attendance: Please download and complete the Uniform Certificate of Attendance in its entirety. NJDC has provided the necessary signature; you do not need any additional signatures and you do not need to return a copy of this form to NJDC.
  • State Accreditation Letter (found in state links below): Please download a copy of your state accreditation letter for your records and, if required by your state, submit a copy with your Uniform Certificate of Attendance. We will upload additional state accreditation letters as we receive them from state CLE boards.

If you have any questions, please email Eva Chaves at


+ Jurisdiction does not have MCLE requirements

‡ Approved Jurisdictional Rule

* Pennsylvania did not approve CLE hours for NJDC’s virtual Summit. 

**NJDC did not apply for CLE from these jurisdictions. Please refer to your jurisdiction’s CLE regulations regarding self-reported CLE credit