2016 Juvenile Defender Leadership Summit

October 28-30, 2016

Atlanta, Georgia


This year marked the 20th Juvenile Defender Leadership Summit.  To celebrate this incredible community, NJDC hosted a Super Summit—we opened our doors a little wider, honored the leaders of our movement, and inspired more juvenile defenders to take their advocacy and leadership to the next level. We are also partnered with the local community in Atlanta for a Saturday night reception at the National Center for Civil and Human Rights.

As we celebrated the 20th year of Summit, we also reflected on another approaching anniversary: the 1967 In re Gault decision. The United States Supreme Court ruled nearly 50 years ago that children have a constitutional right to an attorney. But, as front line defenders, we know that children continue to experience juvenile court systems fraught with bias without the benefit of skilled representation.

Every year that we come together, and every year that we recommit ourselves to defending children and to our specialized practice of law, we chip away at the crisis of children’s access to counsel.  Attendance at Summit is a promise to ourselves, to our clients, and to our community that we can – and will – reshape the legacy of that landmark Supreme Court decision and ensure no child ever stands alone in court.

Because #WeAreGault.

Below are the materials the National Juvenile Defender Center distributed at the 2016 Juvenile Defender Leadership Summit.

One-Pagers and Infographics

Issue Briefs

Gault at 50 Campaign

Upcoming Events