Friday, November 1—Breakout Sessions


Using Suspension & Expulsion Hearings to Win Your Case in Court
Kaitlin Banner, Lisa Geis, Franchesca Gonzalez

Getting the Facts: Mastering the Art of Discovery
Randy Hertz

Balancing Ethical Obligations with Mandatory Reporting Laws
Laura Cohen, Ellen Marrus
Documents: JTIP Handout: Summary of Key ABA Model Rules of Prof. Conduct

Clearing the Record: Navigating the Expungement & Sealing Terrain
Patti Lee, Kim Thomas

What Defenders Need to Know About Psychiatric Medications
Marty Beyer
Documents: A Developmental View of Youth in the Juvenile Justice System, Questions to Ask the Expert to Address, What’s Behind Behavior Matters: The Effects of Disabilities, Trauma and Immaturity on Juvenile Intent and Ability to Assist Counsel

Structural Issues in Juvenile Defense: Accountability & Program Evaluation
Jackie Deane, Josh Dohan, Kris Henning, Marie Osborne, Josh Perry

Using Social Media to Gain Defender Advantage
Elizabeth Calvin, Angela Chang, Kaarin Lueck
Documents: Hashtags for Juvenile Justice, Hashtags for Juvenile Justice, Using Social Media to Gain Defender Advantage Presentation

Providing Due Process Where None is Required: Defending Tribal Youth
Brad Peterson, Nadia Seeratan, Ron Whitener

International Law Bolstering Access to Counsel
Jackie Bullard, Betsy Clarke, Tim Curry
Documents: Cadder Press Summary, Cadder Q & A, Salduz v. Turkey Judgment


Beyond Padilla: the Ethical Mandate to Protect Non-Citizen Clients
Susan Kelly, Chris Kleiser, Gladis Molina
Documents: Deportation System Map, Immigration in the Juvenile Justice System, JTIP Handout: Immigration Consequences

Challenging False Confessions & Police Intimidation
Simmie Baer, Andy Block, Josh Tepfer

JTIP – Disposition Advocacy
Amy Halbrook, Jeff Liston

Litigating a Bench Trial
Randy Hertz

Dismantling the Pipeline
Kaitlin Banner, Franchesca Gonzalez, Anne Lee

JLWOP: Resentencing & Policy Update
Elizabeth Calvin, Marsha Levick, Wendy Wolf

Checks & Balances: Protecting the Client’s Right to Appeal
Jackie Bullard, Marie Osborne, Amanda Powell

Strengthening the Attorney-Client Relationship: SOGIE Communications
Marty Beyer, Jackie Deane, Christina Gilbert
Documents: Growing Up LGBT in America, Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack II

Accessing Counsel in Remote & Underserved Regions
José Padilla, Susan Roske, Mary Ann Scali