Saturday, November 2—Breakout Sessions


Civil/Criminal Collaboration to Enhance the Defense of Youth
Juan Cartagena, Laura Cohen, Shannon Kennedy
Documents: Floyd Second Amended Complaint, Floyd Opinion, Ligon Complaint, Ligon Plaintiff Order and Opinion

The Rigorous Representation of Status Offenders
Brenda McGee, Dean Rivkin, Karen Yazmajian

Improving Post-Disposition Representation: Strategies for Re-entry
Patti Lee, Josh Perry, Sarabeth Zemel

Red Flags & Resources: Defense Strategies to Combat Trafficking
Cait Mullen, Withelma “T” Ortiz Walker Pettigrew, Diane Rondini-Harness, Malika Saada Saar

Guaranteeing Due Process Protections for Dual Jurisdiction Youth
Kris Henning, Bob Schwartz

Case Law Roundup
Randy Hertz

Friend or Foe: Navigating the Complexities of Working with Parents
Tim Curry, Christina Phillis
Documents: Defender Ethics

Protecting Youth During Sex Offender Treatment
Judith Becker, Jenny Lutz, Nicole Pittman

Remediation of Competence: Working with a Flawed Concept
Marty Beyer, Arthur Bowie, Sue Burrell
Documents: Developing Statutes for Competence to Stand Trial in Juvenile Delinquency Proceedings: A Guide for Lawmakers, In re Jesus G, In re Matthew N, Prospects for Remediating Juveniles’ Adjudicative Incompetence


JTIP – Guilty Pleas
Arthur Bowie, Jackie Deane
Documents: Lafler v. Cooper, Missouri v. Frye, State of Washington v. ANJ

Policing SROs & Prosecutors: Creative Civil Actions
Shannon Kennedy, Victoria Lopez, Lisa Thurau

Aggressively Challenging Transfer
Simmie Baer, Marty Beyer, Gar Blume, Frankie Guzman

Structural Issues in Juvenile Defense: Multisystemic Advocacy
Chris Kleiser, Anne Lee, Josh Perry, Karen Yazmajian

Tools & Tactics to Combat Racial & Ethnic Bias
Juan Cartagena, Kris Henning, Lisa Wayne
Documents: Addressing Disproportionate Minority Contact (DMC) in Juvenile Delinquency Court

Coping with Caseloads, Managing Pressure, & Meeting Ethical Duties
Randy Hertz

Incorporating Education & Disability Law into Your Defense
Lisa Geis, Jamie Argento Rodriguez
Documents: Caselaw: Delinquency & (Dis)Ability, IDEA Classifications & Accommodations, Selected Provisions of Special Education Law

The Use & Abuse of Sex Offense Statutes
Sarah Bergen, Nicole Pittman, Shannan Wilber
Documents: Misuse and Abuse of Sex Offense Statutes