Amicus Briefs


NJDC continues to advance appellate advocacy by authoring, co-authoring, and/or joining amicus briefs, which are “friend of the court” submissions that help the court better understand an issue on appeal before it. These briefs typically support one of the parties in the case and can address critical issues in juvenile defense, such as the role of the juvenile defender, the right to counsel and access to courts, the protection of due process and all other constitutional rights, legal protections to youth facing transfer to adult court, the admissibility of juvenile statements and confessions, the confidentiality of juvenile records, juvenile life without parole sentences, and sex offender registration. NJDC offers a wide variety of technical assistance in this area, including reviewing potential cases and helping attorneys to formulate appellate ideas, providing substantive research, writing or drafting of briefs, and preparing and mooting oral argument. NJDC also works closely with the juvenile defense appellate community to assist in the coordination of amicus work and refer or connect attorneys working on similar issues in order to shape their legal arguments, vet strategies, discuss the merits of individual cases, and moot oral arguments.

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