New Jersey Resources

New Jersey Juvenile Collateral Consequences Checklist.
The purpose of the Checklist is to provide attorneys, judges, other juvenile justice professionals, along with clients and their families, the most current information available on the immediate and long term
consequences of juvenile adjudications of delinquency in New Jersey.  The Checklist can help defense attorney’s fulfill their responsibility to explain to clients and their families the consequences of delinquency court prior to proceeding with consent decrees, adjudicatory hearings or admissions colloquies.

In the Interests of Y.C.
An opinion, issued by the Superior Court of NJ, allowing for an administrative hearing before the state’s Juvenile Justice Commission (JJC) can administratively transfer youth to adult prison facilities once the juvenile turns 18.

State of NJ in the Interest of JJ
A decision by the Superior Court of NJ determining process rights must be accorded to an adjudicated juvenile prior to transfer from a juvenile facility operated by the Juvenile Justice Commission