New York Resources

Juvenile Delinquency: Legal Updates and Overview 

Brief Outline of JD Proceedings

An overview of Juvenile Delinquency Proceedings

JD Overview for Defenders

In-depth analysis of stages of JD proceedings and explication of the role of the attorney representing the child

Case Checklist

A handy checklist to prepare a delinquency case

Case Updates (Jan. 2013 – mid- July 2014)

A recent update of developments in juvenile delinquency law and procedure (January 2013 to mid-July 2014)

Delinquency Glossary of Terms

A key list of must-know terms for juvenile delinquency cases

Juvenile Rights Practice  Manual for Children’s Lawyers: Parts 1 – 3

Part 1- Preliminary Proceedings Discovery, and Privacy Issues

The Ins and Outs: The First Steps in Juvenile Delinquency Proceedings

Part 2 -Motions to Suppress

The Ins and Outs: Search and Seizure of Juveniles, Confessions by Juveniles, and Litigating Suppression Motions in Juvenile Delinquency Cases

Part 3 -Evidence, Ethics, and Appeals

The Ins and Outs: Evidence, Ethics, and Appeals when Representing Juvenile Delinquents

Representing Our Clients 

Representing Persons In Need of Supervision Proceedings

Everything you need to know about Persons in Need of Supervision proceedings

Suppression Motion Practice in JD cases

Best practices and benefits: The how and why of filing Suppression Motions

Crawford outline for Defenders

How to respond to a prosecutor’s attempt to introduce an individual’s out-of-court statement

Delinquency Interview Form

Key information we need when interviewing our clients

Court Cases: Real Examples of Special Litigation

Conditions of Confinement Class Action-GB vs. Carrion – 1

Fourth Amendment Complaint against the Commissioner of the Office of Children and Family Services

Conditions of Confinement Class Action-GB vs. Carrion -2

Stipulation of Settlement in Office of Children and Family Services lawsuit

Conditions of Confinement Class Action-GB vs. Carrion – 3

Federal Judge’s decision on the Preliminary Injunction against Commissioner of OCFS

Court Cases: Real Examples of Appeals

Delinquency Appeal 1

This is a link to a successful Appeal by the Legal Aid Society

Delinquency Appeal 2

Click above for an interesting Appeal that has made its way up to the New York State Court of Appeals

Delinquency Appeal 3

Here we can see an Appeal involving an invalid admission from our client