2019 MJDC Summit

July 25-26, 2019 - Milwaukee, Wisconsin

The 2019 Midwest Juvenile Summit was a huge success. Over 100 attendees from all 8 states in the Midwest Region were on hand for two days of interactive discussions and workshops on the rights of youth in the juvenile court system.

Day one was open to all stakeholders in the juvenile system and was devoted to highlighting advancements across the region. Check out the links below for videos to these sessions.

Welcoming Message from Kelli Thompson, Wisconsin State Public Defender.

Re-defining “Juvenile” Throughout the Midwest
Moderated by Diane Rondini, with panelists: Elizabeth Clarke (IL), Dennis Marks (NE),Roberta Megel (IA), Kristen Staley (MI), Leslie Rosenberg (MN), Joanna Lawler (SD) and Eileen Hirsch(WI)

Re-Imagining Juvenile Prison
Moderated by Elizabeth Clarke (IL) with panelists, Era Laudermilk (IL), Leann Bertsch (ND)

Day two was training specifically for juvenile defense attorneys in the Midwest Region. For links a link to videos of that day’s training, please email Diane Rondini.