Maryland State Contacts and Bios

Deborah St. Jean, MAJDC Board Chair

Deborah St. Jean is the Director of the Juvenile Protection Division of the Maryland State Public Defender.  JPD monitors the conditions of confinement to ensure that facilities are in compliance with federal and state law and provides assistance and collaboration to defenders statewide.  In addition to conditions work, she handles transfer hearings throughout the State of Maryland in which children are charged as adults and seek to have their matters transferred to juvenile court.  She also handles waiver hearings in which the State seeks to have a juvenile’s case waived to the adult system.  Prior to returning to the Office of the Public Defender, she was administrative class counsel in one of the largest class action lawsuits against the Maryland Department of Juvenile Services.  The Settlement Agreement involved systemic changes as well as monetary awards to 800 children who had been physically abused in the Maryland boot camps.  She also worked as an investigator on the qualitative assessments of juvenile defense practices in Maryland for the ABA.  She is Co-Chair of the JDAI Conditions of Confinement Committee for Baltimore City.


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