Friday, October 28 – Summit 2016


Bridgett Ortega | President, Board of Directors, National Juvenile Defender Center

Mary Ann Scali | Acting Executive Director, National Juvenile Defender Center

Hon. Loretta Lynch | Attorney General, U.S. Department of Justice

Tim Curry, Moderator | Director of Training & Technical Assistance, National Juvenile Defender Center

Broderick Johnson | Assistant to the President and White House Cabinet Secretary, Chair of the My Brother’s Keeper Taskforce

Karol V. Mason | Assistant Attorney General, Office of Justice Programs, U.S. Department of Justice



Advanced Cross Examination
Whitney Untiedt, Randee Waldman

Challenging “Due Process Lite”: Strategies for Juvenile Probable Cause Hearings
Sue Burrell, Laura Cohen, Rickell Howard

Creating a Specialized Juvenile Defense Unit: Change from the Front Line to the Head Office
Stacie Nelson Colling, Julian Claudio Gotay, Lindy Frolich, Athelyn Jiménez-Emmanuelli

A Defense Attorney’s Guide to Juvenile Competence to Stand Trial 
Angela Chang, Antoinette Kavanaugh

Developing a Culture of Policy Advocacy in Your Defense Office
Alyson Clements, Joshua Perry, Pamela Vickrey

Ending Solitary Confinement: Strategies for Reform
Jessica Feierman, Jennifer Lutz, Eliza Nagel, Sandra Simkins

Expert Challenges to Identification Evidence
Lauren Brown, Heather Kleider-Offutt

For the Record: Juvenile Appeals Matter!
Richard Braucher, Amanda Powell

Juvenile Record Reform: How Being a Defender Makes You a Policy Advocate
Julie Biehl, Carolyn Frazier, Elise Logemann, Riya Saha Shah

Juvenile Reentry: Establishing Community Connections for Youth Success
Aleksandra Chauhan, Garien Gatewood, Tracey Tucker 

Reimagining Reinvestment: Implications of Budget and Statute Changes on Practice and Policy
Michael Mitchell, Jeree Thomas, Jason Ziedenberg 

Suppression Hearings: Strategic and Practical Considerations
Randy Hertz 


Monique Morris | President/CEO and Co-Founder, National Black Women’s Justice Institute

Probation is Not a Win: Reexamining How We Approach This Common  Disposition
Mary Ann Scali, Moderator | Acting Executive Director, National Juvenile Defender Center
Stephen Bishop | Senior Associate, Juvenile Justice Strategy Group, Annie E. Casey Foundation
Eduardo Ferrer | Legal & Policy Director, DC Lawyers for Youth
Margaret Samuel | Youth Advocate, Alexandria, Virginia
Gwyneth Rost, Ph.D. | Assistant Professor of Communication Disorders, University of Massachusetts Amherst


The Department of Justice and Juvenile Defenders: A Partnership for Reform
Stephen Bush, Winsome Gayle, Atteeyah Hollie

Dynamic Dispositions: Real-World Ways to Improve Case Outcomes
Eduardo Ferrer, Maria Guido, Tiffany Sizemore-Thompson

Fourth Amendment Challenges in a Variety of Contexts
Randy Hertz

Funding Juvenile Defense Work: Using Byrne JAG Grants
Melissa Goemann, Lisa Minutola

Lonely Data: The Ultimate Guide to Juvenile Justice Data for Juvenile Defenders
Nadia Seeratan, Melissa Sickmund, Andrew Wachter

No More Children on the Sex Offender Registry
Nicole Pittman, Lizzy Ullman

Paying for Punishment: Juvenile Costs, Fines, Fees & Restitution
Stephanie Campos-Bui, Jessica Feierman, Lauren Fine, HyeJi Kim, Brent Pattison

Preparing for Transfer and Amenability Hearings
Charlyn Bohland, Antoinette Kavanaugh, Katherine Lazarow

Pushout: The Criminalization of Black Girls in School
Semuteh Freeman, Monique Morris

Shackling & the Impact on Client Communication
Christina Gilbert, Gwyneth Rost

Talking to Children About Sex: Taking the Right Tone in Juvenile Sex Cases
Elton Anglada, Sheneka McKenzie-Sage, Adrienne Winney

Youth Decarceration: Prison Practice and Politics
Julie Biehl, Sue Burrell, Carmen Daugherty, Tamara Steckler


Angela Vigil | Director of Pro Bono & Community Service, Baker & McKenzie

Jennifer Egan | Advocate, Baltimore Action Legal Team (BALT)

Stephen Bright | President & Senior Counsel, Southern Center for Human Rights

Robert E. Shepherd Jr. Leadership Award Presentation 
Presented by Bridgett Ortega, President of NJDC Board of Directors