2011 Juvenile Defender Leadership Summit

Friday, October 21

Afternoon General Sessions and Breakouts


The 8th Amendment and Beyond: Practice Tips in Light of J.D.B., Roper & Graham
Angela Vigil, Arthur Bowie, Simmie Bear, Kristin Henning, Paul Holland, Marshal Levick, Amanda Powell
In re S C W
In re SCW memo in opp


Using J.D.B. in Delinquency & Criminal Cases
Barbara Blackman, Sheryl Trzaska, James Williams, Eric Zogry
NJDC Leadership Summit Handout
JDB Sample Suppression Motion
Threading the U.S. Supreme Court Decisions of Roper, Graham and J.D.B. through Representation and Advocacy

Incorporating Adolescent Development Research into Your Advocacy
Simmie Baer, Marty Beyer

Defending Against School Searches & Interrogations
Tobie Smith, Randee Waldman
Tips for Challenging School Searches & Interrogations

Children Charged with Sex Offenses: Public Education & Public Policy
Amy Borror, Nicole Pittman, Bob Shilling

Arson Investigations
Marvin Schechter
Arson Investigation – Outline

Medical/Legal Partnerships
Scott Crain, Brian Johnston, Ali Pearson
Medical Legal Partnerships

Improving Defender Performance Through Coaching
Erica Cushna
Coaching Worksheet
Thoughtful Coaching
Coaching Handout

The Reality of Representing Native American Youth
Brad Peterson, Nadia Seeratan, Nancy Talner, Ron Whitener
Civil and Criminal Jurisdiction in Indian Country
Summary and Explanation of Provisions in the Tribal Law and Order Act of 2010

How to Successfully Work with Probation Officers 
Ji Seon Song, Stephanie Snyder

Ethical Duty to Mitigate Consequences of Adjudication in Delinquency Cases
Kaarin Lueck, Maureen Pacheco, Lisa Thurau
Indiana Collateral Consequences
Indiana Confidentiality and Record Expungement Law
Collateral Consequences of Arrest and Court Involvement


Juvenile Sex Offender Registration & Notification Laws
Quyen Nguyen, Nicole Pittman


Marketing Juvenile Defense in a Time of Budget Shortfalls
Candice Jones, Michael Livermore, Amy Borror, Marie Osborne