2011 Juvenile Defender Leadership Summit

Saturday, October 22

Morning General Session and Breakouts


The Prevalence and Impact of Language Impairment in Juvenile Court
Wally Mlyniec, Michele LaVigne, Joseph Beitchman

Defending Juveniles Charged with Status Offenses
Tobie Smith, Randee Waldman

The Court Got it Wrong: Presenting & Winning on Your Theory of Appeal
Jackie Bullard, Brooke Burns, Eileen Hirsch

Lawyer’s Ethical Duty to Ensure Effective Communication
Joseph Beitchman, Michele LaVigne, Wally Mlyniec

Cost-Benefit Analysis & Evidence Based Decision-Making
Sam Goldberg, Michael Livermore, Marie Osborne

SORNA Convening: Strategies to Beat Back the Impact on Youth
Amy Borror, Marsha Levick, Lisa Minutola, Nicole Pittman

Policing in Schools: Who Is Protecting Student Rights?
Samuel Braboy, Nancy Talner, Lisa Thurau

The Advocacy of Inclusion: Understanding Bias and What You Can Do
Kim Ambrose, Leticia Nieto, Kyana Stephens

Litigating Eyewitness ID Cases: Lessons Learned from State v. Henderson
Karen Newirth, Chris Northrop

Lashing Out: Understanding & Defending Aggression of Children
Marty Beyer, Ali Pearson

Developmentally Appropriate Colloquies for Youth
Annie Lee, Rosa Peralta