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Vermont Gov. Phil Scott signs racial justice bill into law 5/31/17

Gov. Scott signed H.308 into law, enabling a 13-person advisory panel to examine issues of racial justice within Vermont’s juvenile and criminal justice systems. The bill was strongly supported by the Vermont chapter of the ACLU.

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Mass. Judiciary Committee holds a public hearing on bills dealing with juvenile and criminal justice reform 6/5/17

Advocates across the state are pushing lawmakers to end mandatory minimums, reform records sealing procedures, and enact programs aimed at reducing recidivism.

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Boston Herald Opinion: Justice system failing young people 6/3/17

A Massachusetts workgroup composed of sheriffs, judges, prosecutors, probation officers, and juvenile justice officials has examined some possible pathways toward juvenile justice reform. Much like the New York Times Opinion below, they have concluded that including young adults up to age 21 in the juvenile justice system is one good place to start.

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New York Times Opinion: Don’t Treat Young Adults as Teenagers 4/29/16

A new study published this year raises questions about the wisdom of expanding the jurisdiction of the juvenile system to include young adults up to the age of 21. The research, taken alongside a number of policy concerns, suggests that young adults should be treated as a special category of offenders in the adult justice system.

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